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About NamSor PowerBI Connector

Power BI Desktop is a free, stand-alone application from Microsoft. You can download it from the Microsoft Power BI web site at It has rich, easy-to-use analytic capabilities and makes it painless to bring in data from a variety of sources.

Enrich your PowerBI Data with Gender and Origin/Ethnicity : any table that has personal names can be enriched.

Check you this video tutorial on producing a cool dashboard on the gender gap in the Film Industry, from IMDB 5000 dataset in

NamSor PowerBI Connector Tutorial on YouTube

Installing the Connector

  1. Download and install the Power BI Desktop application, if you haven't done so already.
  2. Start Power BI Desktop and find the "File > Options > Security" section in the program options. Under "Data Extensions", ensure that "Allow any extension" is enabled.
  3. Create a "[My Documents]\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors" directory.
  4. Download the NamSor Custom Connector file NamSorAPIConnector.mez and place it in this directory. If Power BI Desktop is running, you'll need to exit the program and restart it for this new connector to be found.
  5. Under "Get Data > Online Services", you should see NamSor API connectors
  6. You'll be prompted for a NamSor API Key upon startup. You can get a free NamSor API Key from your NamSor Account page (
  7. Copy the NamSor API Key from your account page into Power BI Desktop and click save. Once you do that, Power BI Desktop will begin communicating with NamSor API to enrich your data model with Gender and Origin/Ethnicity data.
  8. If you run into a PQ error : Please rebuild this data combination, try Ignoring privacy level in File > Options and settings > Options and then Current File > Privacy.

Appending Gender to your data tables

Names can be genderized either one-by-one, or by pages of a few hundred names. Read the Wiki to get started.

This is a example of data visualization after appending gender to an Excel file.


Appending Origin / Ethnicity to your data tables

NamSor Origin or Diaspora API work in similar way to the Gender API.

Monitoring API Usage

The API usage can be monitored directly from PowerBI. There is an example dashboard in the provided template.

Additional Links and Resources


Enrich PowerBI Data with Gender and Origin/Ethnicity from Personal Names




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