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HttpRider :: Simple and Powerful Cross-Platform API Client

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HttpRider Intro


Downloads are currently available for MacOS and Windows however it is simple to run from source if you prefer that.

See for instructions for different operating systems.


πŸš€ Feature complete | πŸ™ˆ Experimental | πŸ“ In development | ☁️️ Planned

πŸš€ Making a simple request - Demo

πŸš€ Adding query param, header, request body

πŸš€ Running multiple APIs/Rearranging APIs

πŸš€ Tags/Labels and Search and filtering

πŸš€ Http requests history

πŸš€ Projects support

πŸš€ Environments and using environment variables

πŸš€ Importing/Exporting environments

πŸš€ Using Fake or random data generators

πŸš€ Using variables between API requests

πŸš€ Assertions

πŸš€ Mocking responses


πŸš€ Export PlantUML Sequence diagram - Demo

πŸš€ Export Slow Cooker performance tests

πŸš€ Export performance tests - Demo

πŸš€ Export Python code using requests module

πŸš€ Export Markdown for documenting API requests/responses

πŸš€ Export Apickli functional tests Demo

πŸš€ Export curl requests

πŸš€ Export MermaidJS Sequence diagram

πŸš€ Export Runscope monitoring tests Demo

πŸš€ Export OpenApi V3 document

πŸš€ Export RestAssured functional tests


πŸš€ Import OpenApi V3 document

πŸš€ Import Postman collections


Run the following command to set-up virtual environment

$ make setup 

Then make run should startup the application.

$ make run  

You can just run make to display list of available commands.