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A small mac app to download and rename songs from

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This app is a small utility to ease download of songs which are available 
on . Its main purpose is to receive an url from a song and its 
title and artist information. After receiving it, it suggests a proper 
filename and provides the user with an interface to change the name and 
to download the file. Really not fancy at all, but really useful (from 
my perspective.)


The app is supposed to be used in conjunction with a small Google Chrome 
extension. The extension adds a download link to each song on a page. 
This link consists of the link to the mp3 file, the artist and title of 
the song, and the cookie auth token, to take over a valid user session. 
The link uses a unique scheme: hypedsucker:// which is registered by our 
app. So whenever you are on and click on a link, HypedSucker is 
launched and allows you to download the file.


PLEASE NOTE: This app is not supposed for download tons of files from . Most of the music is available from the linked websites. But 
sometimes the sites go offline, reach their bandwidth limit and so on. 
In these cases it is really helpful to retrieve the file from hypem's 
database itself. So: DO NOT ABUSE IT!
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