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Materia is a Material Design theme for GNOME/GTK based desktop environments.

It supports GTK 2, GTK 3, GNOME Shell, Budgie, Cinnamon, MATE, Unity, Xfce, LightDM, GDM, Chrome theme, etc.


widget-factory widget-factory-dark


Supports ripple animations for GTK 3:


3 color variants and 2 size variants are available:

Materia standard compact
standard Materia Materia-compact
dark Materia-dark Materia-dark-compact
light Materia-light Materia-light-compact

Supported Desktop Environments

  • Budgie >=10.4
  • Cinnamon >=3.x
  • GNOME Shell >=3.26
  • MATE >=1.14
  • Unity >=7.4
  • Xfce >=4.13


  • Downstream customized GNOME sessions

    e.g. "Ubuntu" session, "Pop" session. To properly use Materia on GNOME Shell, please install gnome-session and then switch to "GNOME" or "GNOME on Xorg" session from your display manager.

  • elementary apps

    Because they are based on their own stylesheet that conflicts with GTK standards.


  • GTK >=3.20
  • gnome-themes-extra (or gnome-themes-standard)
  • Murrine engine — The package name depends on the distro.
    • gtk-engine-murrine on Arch Linux
    • gtk-murrine-engine on Fedora
    • gtk2-engine-murrine on openSUSE
    • gtk2-engines-murrine on Debian, Ubuntu, etc.
  • sassc — build-time dependency

Package Installation

Distro Packages

NOTE: Some of these distro packages could be outdated and incompatible with your desktop environment. You can check the latest version here.

Distro Package Name Annotation
Arch Linux materia-gtk-theme Link
Debian 10 or later materia-gtk-theme Link
Fedora materia-gtk-theme Available from @LaurentTreguier's Copr
Solus materia-gtk-theme Link
Ubuntu 18.04 or later materia-gtk-theme Link

WARNING: Ubuntu disco (19.04) & eoan (19.10) packages are very outdated and incompatible with GNOME 3.32 or later! If you're using GNOME on Ubuntu 19.04 or 19.10, I highly recommend manual installation below.


All 6 variants are available via Flathub:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
flatpak install flathub org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Materia{,-dark,-light}{,-compact}

Manual Installation

  1. Clone the repository and move into the project directory in the terminal:
git clone --depth 1
cd materia-theme
  1. Build and install it using Meson:
meson "build"
sudo ninja -C "build" install

Alternatively, you can use ./ script without using Meson:

sudo ./

Build Options for Meson

Option Default Value Description
prefix /usr Installation prefix
colors default,light,dark Choose color variant(s)
sizes default,compact Choose size variant(s)
gnome_shell_version n/a (auto) Manually set gnome-shell version

Example of usage:

meson "build" -Dprefix="$HOME/.local" -Dcolors=default,dark -Dsizes=compact

Build Options for ./

Run ./ --help for details.

Manual Uninstallation

Delete the installed directories:

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/themes/Materia{,-dark,-light}{,-compact}



  • To properly display the theme, use a font family including Medium weight (e.g. Roboto or M+).
  • Set the font size to 9.75 (= 13px at 96dpi) or 10.5 (= 14px at 96dpi).

Chrome Theme

To use the Chrome theme;

  1. Open the chrome folder on /usr/share/themes/Materia<-variant>.
  2. Drag and drop the .crx files into the Chrome/Chromium Extensions page (chrome://extensions).

GDM Theme

You can change the GDM (lock/login screen) theme by replacing the default GNOME Shell theme.
See gnome-shell/ for details.


Materia can be customized with GUI application, oomox theme designer.

Materia also allows you to change the color scheme relatively easily in other ways. See for details.


If you find bugs or have suggestions, please report it to the issue tracker. Any contribution would be much appreciated.

Todo list can be found at

Related Projects


Materia is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. See the COPYING file for details.


  • Materia is based on Adwaita by GNOME.
  • Design and specifications are based on Google's Material Design.
  • The included symbolic icons are based on Material Design icons by Google.
  • Chrome/Chromium scrollbars extension was forked from Adwaita-chrome-scrollbar by GNOME Integration Team.
  • Yauhen Kirylau (@actionless) who is oomox author polished scripts and supported Materia with oomox.
  • @n3oxmind who helped improve the installation script.
  • @smurphos who made and provided the Cinnamon theme for Materia.
  • Meson code/implementation in Materia was heavily influenced by @monday15's lounge-gtk-theme.

Also thank you to all contributors and upstream developers.

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