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Commits on Nov 20, 2014
@nanaya Remove unused exception. e9ad952
@nanaya Fix cache reset mechanism. 80f56a1
@nanaya Use new AR find_by. 2e798da
@nanaya Use new finder syntax in test. a0a09ac
@nanaya ProxyObject instead of BasicObject (deprecated). 3d2e804
@nanaya Access file.path directly instead of roundabout through tempfile. e640689
@nanaya Shorter require path. c30c735
@nanaya Shorter require path. 07f0be9
@nanaya Whoops, wrong replacement. e2fedd2
@nanaya User model test now green.
Note that fast_count method is no more.
@nanaya Fix and modernize broken HistoryChange#next. 171add5
@nanaya Modernise HistoryChange#latest. 433326f
@nanaya Remove redundant return. 607dabe
@nanaya Modernise History#set_previous. 25735c2
@nanaya Fix test for UserRecord. 90d2f4a
@nanaya Fix test for UserMailer. ad205b8
@nanaya Move mailer test to where it belongs. 5bff04a
@nanaya Only overwrite created_at if it's nil. 3a7cb69
@nanaya Fix test for Tag. fdbf38a
@nanaya Refactor.
Mainly to avoid passing deprecated parameters to `.order`.
@nanaya Use `.exists?` to check existence. e389087
@nanaya Fix test for TagSubscription.
- removed test for nonexistent method
@nanaya Use find_each for batch processing. 6fc8e6d
@nanaya Fix test for Tagimplication. 2ed7324
@nanaya Modernise queries in TagImplication. 285bd78
@nanaya Remove x64_mingw because older bundle doesn't recognize it. 1e08ca6
@nanaya Another anonymous upload fix. 5d9c2cd
@nanaya Measure everything again. d6bd1f3
@nanaya Fix regexp matching. $<n> and Regexp.last_match behaves quite differe…
@nanaya Put back in accidentally removed space. 97ca6cd
@nanaya Fix incorrect previous_id setter. 166f72c
@nanaya Ensure post id is string. f6345e3
@nanaya FIx test for TagAlias. 263dd31
@nanaya Modernise query. a430b56
@nanaya Cleanup test for Post. f19fd4d
@nanaya Put back relevant fixtures. 90e92df
@nanaya Sleep to allow cache's timestamp to follow. c321b42
@nanaya equal, not match. Herp. 529adba
@nanaya delete, not destroy.
Though technically speaking there's problem found with destroy where
parent/children status isn't properly updated.
@nanaya Move out anonymous user to its own class. d579b1f
@nanaya because otherwise AR becomes confused by AnonymousUser.
E.g. TagAlias.where(:creator_id =>
@nanaya Send deprecation to log. cd93c5c
@nanaya Allow indexing on single word tag.
Also reorder to make the regexp less hard to read.
@nanaya Initial fix for PostTagHistory.
Doesn't seem to be used anymore, though.
@nanaya Add space after comment. e6f131f
@nanaya Nuke aws storage system. Not used anymore. 46f50c9
@nanaya Move frame url generation to image stores. 3c524a9
@nanaya Remove accidentally added pry. 10b33df
@nanaya local2, the new (and will be the only) file storage. 8478588
@nanaya Revert change c285be3e0f05.
The results weren't quite the same. Mainly frames data.
@nanaya Clear out tags params if it is blank. fadbde6
@nanaya Remove support for separate jpeg and samples hosts.
Because they may or may not be available, and renders separation pointless.
@nanaya It's noindex, not none. 73c44a8
@nanaya Less link_to_function, more ujs. 83507f2
@nanaya Modernise query. 9c4d481
@nanaya Less queries, more happy. 830117e
@nanaya `.key?` wut. Just use plain `[]` for hash check. 0ecd3da
@nanaya Whoops, syntax error. 1e36913
@nanaya Use find instead of each/return.
Also properly returns nil when not found.
@nanaya Fix incorrect replacement.
Use find instead of select since select will find all matches.
@nanaya Actually return Post instead of PoolPost. b32b354
@nanaya Wrong parameter. Should be "tags", not "tag".
Use url_for while at it.
@nanaya Use url_for instead of string.
Slower but more correct.
@nanaya Use newer indexing scheme. 0cb5b75
@nanaya Set post editbox from main javascript instead of inlined. d35784d
@nanaya Restrict format for /opensearch ccb79a6
@nanaya Only rely on CONFIG["enable_caching"] to determine caching. 9976068
@nanaya Remove public/images from assets path. 6657696
@nanaya Remove intermediate variable. 92fc83c
@nanaya Remove optional then keyword. e52c7d4
@nanaya Simplify assignment logic. 15aaf05
@nanaya Remove more optional `then` keyword. 4f5de24
@nanaya Simplify result[:votes] logic. d5ff2b8
@nanaya Move user variable to where it's used. 0f5d247
@nanaya Enable newrelic on daemon? bb9b8b0
@nanaya urlencode generated filename. 5029d0f
@nanaya Set canonical url for post/index. fb3a0f7
@nanaya Remove hgkeep in tmp. eae3770
@nanaya Set only_path false for canonical url. 8afddfa
@nanaya Remove default meta description.
Should be a per-page thing, not globally set default.
@nanaya Better wording. 1e5da78
@nanaya Slightly better with quotes? da86d2d
@nanaya Properly scope relation with newer syntax. 3e4642f
@nanaya Missed a conditional. d5e1f25
@nanaya Add missing foreign key on posts_tags table. 6a42cd9
@nanaya Update gems. 76a8f52
@nanaya Restrict formatting layout. 7f00677
@nanaya .to_f early so there won't be incorrect comparison.
Happened in params[:top] >= params[:bottom] - missing .to_f, causing
`0.5000 >= 0.500` to return `true`.
@nanaya Update gems. 2f51e6c
@nanaya Multithreaded memcached connection pool. 088be42
@nanaya Whoops, forgot to actually use the threads number setting. dfcc2f6
@nanaya Update CACHE to Rails.cache. 225c790
@nanaya Fix test for ArtistUrl. db06c92
@nanaya Fix test for Ban. 9ab38e2
@nanaya Replace all CACHE.flush_all to Rails.cache.clear. be071cf
@nanaya Mass-fix post creation call with seds.
find test/ -type f -exec sed -i -e 's/upload_jpeg/upload_file/g' {} \;
find test/ -type f -exec sed -i -e 's/RAILS_ROOT/Rails.root/' {} \;
@nanaya Autofix with latest rubocop. c71b943
@nanaya Immediate return instead of assignment. 8f9a647
@nanaya Move ActionMailer default url option to config/application.rb. 861537c
@nanaya Simplify content_for_prefix. 9c86862
@nanaya Also match dash for pixiv username. ddba8cc
@nanaya Typo in query. 5580ffc
Musee Ullah Piwik Analytics tracking. 1c34f02
Musee Ullah Extra check for Piwik host. 0aeff2d
Musee Ullah Move Piwik config to ENV-based, use underscores 7cecf72
Musee Ullah Update README with Piwik ENV vars
single quotes -> double
Have default_config use ENV instead of local_config
@nanaya Update gems. 41c4955
@nanaya Use canonical page_number instead of params[:page]. 596abd1
@nanaya page_number is guaranteed correct. 56815a5
@nanaya Sanitize params[:page] first time page_number first called. d61ba22
@nanaya Add post id to post/show, page number to post/index (title and canoni…
@nanaya Don't show page number if first page. f90501b
@nanaya find_by instead of find. 34c3ca9
@nanaya Remove extra `then` keyword. daab741
@nanaya Append tags to pretty_file_name type sample. 098d775
@nanaya String interpolation instead of concat. 91adba6
@nanaya Refactor file move/delete. 27d034c
@nanaya Hide page number on page 1. 0527767
@nanaya Pipe instead of parentheses. 93c768c
@nanaya Add in tag to atom root url. e1ec1e1
@nanaya Update gems. 87e0b56
@nanaya Use rails-assets instead of manual vendor. 87e1f14
@nanaya Convert type using jquery-cookie functionality. 8b35535
@nanaya No more parseJSON. 642a61d
@nanaya Fix indentation.
Done with rubocop --auto-correct.
@nanaya Remove `then` keyword for multiline `if`/`unless`.
Autocorrected with rubocop.
@nanaya Remove all tabs.
Autocorrected with rubocop. With manual fix on:

- `db/migrate/20100101225942_constrain_user_logs.rb`
@nanaya Don't use unless...else. 8f84096
@nanaya Add basic rubocop configs. 614973f
@nanaya Use self-assignment shorthand. b4ce45c
@nanaya Wow Concern. ba8bf19
@nanaya Use rails-ish syntax instead of raw sql. 77b32fb
@nanaya Fix indentation. d55a52e
@nanaya Update gems. 4b8db9e
@nanaya Convert time to iso8601 format. 48d7c17
@nanaya Just set version to 4.0.0. 309bfbf
@nanaya Simplify check by removing extra assignment. a1cb555
@nanaya Remove extra copy of `need_signup?` helper. a61c54a
@nanaya `alias_method_chain` instead of `alias_method`. 82cb52f
@nanaya Simplify login check injection. 36e6c21
@nanaya Do not explode on missing cookie.
Fix all images getting hid when cookies is disabled.
@nanaya One less always-on event listener. 4d22a22
@nanaya Update rails and other gems. b11050a
@nanaya Update i18n-js. 474678c
@nanaya Fix minimagick/imagemagick version checker. af6b173
@nanaya Move test tructure to the latest version.
- `unit` becomes `models`
- `functional` becomes `controllers`
@nanaya No need to specify full path of test_helper anymore. c5bf39a
@nanaya Fixtures are kind of broken right now. 005de0b
@nanaya Remove ancient test_parser initialization. 63de7ac
@nanaya Add required helper. 889b5ef
@nanaya Readd all fixtures. bcb2899
@nanaya Wrong class name. c5e0f4b
@nanaya Make local_config optional.
Stuff will break, etc.
@nanaya Don't explode on nil. c6055a0
@nanaya Accepts "MB_DATABASE_URL" to set database connection. fd6b97a
@nanaya Sort variable names. cf1801d
@nanaya Downgrade structure dump to PostgreSQL 9.1. 772d26b
@nanaya Update to slightly modern rails idiom. f40efa2
@nanaya Accidentally committed experimental code. 20081ac
@nanaya Missing `require` keyword. b128138
@nanaya Ignore generated translations.js. d6caa39
@nanaya Remove `enable_caching` variable, allow env-based memcache server set…
@nanaya Remove :mystery: query cache cleaner. 973c5b0
@nanaya Simplify logic. 90f2ada
@nanaya Fix all deprecations related to test/models/post_test.rb. 6034d76
@nanaya Favorite tags has been long removed.
In favor of tag subscription.
@nanaya Modernise `user#show_blocked_users` action. ee24d7d
@nanaya Green up UserController and fix deprecations. 46bb135
@nanaya Don't explode on incorrect user_id in test. c9d05c3
@nanaya Set current user before creating post.
When creating post with tag.
@nanaya Clear out most of deprecations in tag controller. de1142c
@nanaya Fix test for report controller. 2ed45c1
@nanaya Fix query for counting. efe3295
@nanaya Remove test for long-removed pool slave/master system. 470e718
@nanaya Fix up deprecated queries. 55c4a06
@nanaya Fix test for Note model. 809561f
@nanaya Fix test for PostTagHistory (which seems useless). 4effedb
@nanaya Fix test for PostController.
Refactor while at it.
Commits on Nov 21, 2014
@nanaya Fix cache helper test.
Previously disguised as "ApplicationTest" in "models".
@nanaya PostTagHistory has been replaced by History. 8be3316
@nanaya Fix code styling. c12e4cf
@nanaya Fix test for pool controller
- add js support for `access_denied`
- pool operations now require login
- append redirect url to login redirect expectation
- fix up deprecated queries
- sequence is now a string
@nanaya Fix most(?) of deprecations in PoolController.
- add wrapper for sql generator thingy to match new rails
- fix old query syntax
Commits on Nov 22, 2014
@nanaya Count for https instead of just http.
Avoid generating link text starting with "/".
Commits on Nov 23, 2014
@nanaya Fix test for Dmail model. 6691b99
Commits on Dec 04, 2014
@nanaya Fix wording in `Help: IRC`. 82c3195
Commits on Dec 05, 2014
@nanaya Fix test for ArtistController. 7e6092c
@nanaya Remove test on disabled functionality. 4fb71ed
@nanaya Fix test for CommentController. e147a68
@nanaya Replace dtext test with the new one. ac0c62e
@nanaya FavoriteController is pretty much nonexistent anymore. 0ccdd15
@nanaya Compare date by its integer value. 1ccb3c9
@nanaya Don't explode on nil. af39d07
@nanaya Less cross-test thread variable pollution. 2d6da99
@nanaya Always clear cache before every tests. 9faa557
@nanaya More thread variable clearance before every test. 87f17c9
@nanaya Add more delay :( 6a12a90
@nanaya Remove switch for parent post system (always enabled now). 72d30a1
@nanaya Uniform result between different collations (utf8 vs C). 21258f4
@nanaya Increase cache versioning precision to allow subsecond difference. 843046a
@nanaya Remove useless conversion. b61262c
@nanaya Use plain increment to expire thing.
Hopefully nothing breaks.
Commits on Dec 11, 2014
@nanaya Skip default minimagick validation.
Avoids full `identify` to be run on large gifs.
@nanaya Update gems. 264b8b4
Commits on Dec 17, 2014
@nanaya Link to next month in popular by month. 562d672
@nanaya Always use relative date. 775b41c
@nanaya Make the view easier to read. 22ffc53
Commits on Dec 22, 2014
@nanaya Add missing var declaration. 3830579
@nanaya Forum menu class setter requires existance of forum posts. 7836e31
@nanaya Update to 4.2.
- backport javascript functions.
- remove deprecation message from backported functions.
- fix queries and syntaxes.
- remove unused performance tester.
- update config settings to match 4.2.
- reflections is now string, not symbol.
- split off (/index) routes. For some reason it is always added now.
- DMailer is now plain ruby class.
- properly test xhr thingy.
- remove hooves
Commits on Dec 24, 2014
@nanaya Prepare for release. 2af32e8
@nanaya Update comment with correct version. dd5206b
@nanaya Fix BatchController. a363d96
@nanaya Fix CommentController. 476565e
@nanaya Unifies date format to json.
For some reason it now includes millisecond.
@nanaya Fix comment#search. 34c720a
@nanaya Fix ordering for latest forum data. 2aa8cf2
Commits on Dec 25, 2014
@nanaya Disable csrf for #not_found action. ea7ee5c
Commits on Jan 01, 2015
@nanaya Modernise syntax. 26a2f0b
@nanaya Update gems. f136107
Commits on Jan 04, 2015
@nanaya Remove lib/languages and related stuff.
Not used anywhere.
Commits on Jan 05, 2015
@nanaya Handle RecordNotUnique error on Post#create. 7eadcf9
@nanaya Modernize handling of post duplicate. 8d06901
@nanaya Simplify function. 9b973a4
@nanaya Remove duplicated key, fix boolean variable initialization. 04c6bdf
@nanaya Finally use "secret_key_base". 841707e
@nanaya Update `.deliver` to use `.deliver_now` instead. 0c2f30f
@nanaya Remove `.css` from `.scss` files. 823d43c
@nanaya Remove `.js` from `.coffee` files. c80adad
@nanaya Silence output of jhead. 19bd711
@nanaya Update gems. 1d0096e
@nanaya Rescue duplicate error in correct place. edc0b7a
Commits on Jan 06, 2015
@nanaya When exploded on `create`, `@post` is nil. 0cb3e8e
Commits on Jan 07, 2015
@nanaya Update tag#update
- limit to POST
- update coding style
Commits on Jan 26, 2015
@nanaya Add support for new pixiv url in /browse. aa0526b
Commits on Feb 15, 2015
@nanaya Load local and default configs from init_config.
Simplifies things. Hopefully.
@nanaya Update gems. 8c8c2f4
Commits on Feb 18, 2015
@nanaya Update even more gems. 22a41aa
Commits on Feb 24, 2015
@nanaya Properly reload page when user is logged in. ea0bbbc
@nanaya Enforce moderation for everyone. 77f330a
@nanaya Remove unused variables. f26984b
@nanaya post/error only happens with redirect.
specifically from respond_to_error.
@nanaya Remove DoS-able dev-only action. 3268178
Commits on Feb 25, 2015
@nanaya Fix comment to reflect latest changes. 16b913e
Commits on Feb 27, 2015
@nanaya Add image pixel count information on moderation page. ad9a327
Commits on Feb 28, 2015
@fudanchii fudanchii Remove redundant secret_token 89a0886
@nanaya Merge pull request #16 from fudanchii/remove-secret_token
Remove redundant secret_token

More like obsolete.
Commits on Mar 01, 2015
@nanaya Remove option to customize preview images subdomain.
Currently using same subdomain anyway.
Commits on May 19, 2015
@nanaya Update gems. 8b8e050
@nanaya Don't explode on empty params on post#update. 766d830