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Major Studio 2 Spring 2017

The International Afterlife of Broadway Musicals

40 theatres, 12 blocks, 1 city...... Does the life of a Broadway musical end here?



Broadway musical theatre is not a ephemeral and New York local phenomenon. It is a powerful brand, and a form of cultural export, which through international touring and international productions, has created a global network of audience.

This project follows Broadway musical titles through its lifetime, its Broadway performance, and international touring across continents to visualize the dynamics of cultural transmission, and more importantly to understand the motivation behind this global distribution. The research aims to discover a better way for producers and authors of Broadway shows to branch out into foreign markets, for presenters to more effectively assess the competitive landscape and market interest for Broadway musical titles.

Feature List

Attribute Clustering

This allows user to group titles based on adaptation (whether a musical is adapted from a source book or film or music catalog), type (four most popular type of musical theatre - romantic drama, family-oriented, comedy, biopics), critical acclaim (whether a musical has won a Tony Awards), and gender of leading cast (female or male or mixed). This feature invites the user to compare & contrast by different group attributes and explore any underlying trends for the global distribution of Broadway musicals.

Mouse Action - Hover Effect

The user can hover over a title circle for a focused view of the geographical distribution of this musical. Similarly, hovering over a location circle will also bring up the portfolio of musical titles presented or performed at this location. This effect will also fade any irrelavent information to the hovering title or location, hence reducing noise and providing a clearer perspective.

Mouse Action - Click & Timeline View

With this feature, the user is able to see the entire context for a specific title's performance history but also quickly drill down on specific periods of time. The timeline perspective simulates the passing of time relatively fluidly, visualizing the growth of the title's cultural impact as well as commercial appeal across time (especially after its Broadway run), and any seasonal pattern in its lifetime.


Exercise 1 [Updated Mar.14]

Exercise 2 [Updated Apr.6]

Exercise 3 [Updated Apr.13]

Exercise 4 [Updated May 20]

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