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nandee95 2.4.5 Update
- Removed some commented code
- Added deals to the sidebar
- Handled timeout for the enter/remove button
- Fixed some code errors
Latest commit e7f8fb8 Aug 1, 2019

Pull requests only for bugs. Please do not create pull requests for new features.
The script isn't under active development anymore. However i'm trying to keep it working and up to date.

Description: This is an userscript for It helps you to use this website faster and makes the browsing more confortable. It has a lot of cool features. Check out the screenshots!!

Steam Group


  • Add Enter button every active giveaways (list, real-time update)
  • Display chances for every giveaway (list, also on entered ga page)
  • Endless scrolling (with a lot of additional features)
  • Fixed header
  • Jump to top button at the bottom right corner
  • Update point every 60 seconds
  • Options
  • Hide entered giveaways
  • Automatically display images
  • SGv2 Dark Theme support


  • Nandee ( Programmer )
  • Pele ( Tester )
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