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Fix para comprobar campo de texto sin value (David Brenes)

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1 parent 8370ba1 commit a1be8d6056a1162953d9cba219a6eaffc2558c79 @nando committed Dec 23, 2010
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  1. +1 −1 lib/mundo_pepino/es_ES/definitions.rb
@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@
#Entonces /^(#{_veo_o_no_}) el campo (.+) con el (?:valor|texto)? (.+)$/ do |should, campo, valor|
Entonces /^(#{_veo_o_no_}) el campo (.+) con(?: el (?:valor|texto))? ['"]?(.+?)["']$/i do |should, campo, valor|
- field_labeled(campo.to_unquoted).value.send shouldify(should), match(/#{valor.to_unquoted}/)
+ (field_labeled(campo.to_unquoted).value||'').send shouldify(should), match(/#{valor.to_unquoted}/)
Entonces /^(#{_veo_o_no_}) marcad[ao] (?:la casilla|el checkbox)? ?(.+)$/i do |should, campo|

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