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"""Strings for easy internationalization."""
from pyramid.i18n import TranslationStringFactory
from pluserable import const
from kerno.web.pyramid import IKerno
_ = TranslationStringFactory('pluserable')
def get_strings(reg):
"""Return the configured Strings class."""
if hasattr(reg, 'getUtility'): # reg must be a Zope/Pyramid registry
reg = reg.getUtility(IKerno) # otherwise reg gotta be the Kerno:
return reg.get_utility(const.STRING_CLASS)
class UIStringsBase:
"""A class containing all GUI strings in the application.
User apps can simply subclass and change whatever text they want.
activation_check_email = \
_("Thank you for registering! Please check your e-mail now. You can "
"continue by clicking the activation link we have sent you.")
activation_code_not_found_title = _("Activation code not found")
activation_code_not_found = _(
"That code cannot be found in the system. Maybe you "
"already used it -- in this case, just try logging in.")
activation_code_not_match_title = _("Code and user do not match")
activation_code_not_match = _("That code does not belong to that user.")
activation_email_subject = _("Please activate your account!")
activation_email_plain = _(
"Please validate your email and activate your account by visiting:\n"
activation_email_verified_title = _('E-mail verified!')
activation_email_verified = _("Your e-mail address has been verified. "
"Thank you!")
login_button = _('Log in')
login_done = _('You are now logged in.')
logout_done = _('You have logged out.')
wrong_email = _('Wrong email or password.')
wrong_username = _('Wrong username or password.')
inactive_account = _(
'Your account is not active; please check your e-mail.')
edit_profile_email_present = _(
'That email address ({email}) belongs to another user.')
edit_profile_done = _('Your profile has been updated.')
registration_email_exists = _("Sorry, an account with the email {} "
"already exists. Try logging in instead.")
registration_username_exists = _(
"Sorry, an account with this username already exists. "
"Please enter another one.")
registration_done = _('You have been registered. You may log in now!')
reset_password_done = _('Your password has been reset!')
reset_password_email_must_exist = _(
'We have no user with the email "{}". '
'Try correcting this address or trying another.')
reset_password_email_body = _("""\
Hello, {username}!
Someone requested resetting your password. If it was you, click here:
If you don't want to change your password, please ignore this email message.
reset_password_email_subject = _("Reset your password")
# You don't want to say "E-mail not registered" or anything like that
# because it gives spammers context:
reset_password_email_sent = _("Please check your e-mail to finish "
"resetting your password.")
username_may_not_contain_at = _("May not contain this character: @")
user_not_found_title = _("User not found")
user_not_found = _("That user cannot be found in the system.")
unacceptable_characters = _("Contains unacceptable characters.")