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NancyFX 2.0 barneyrubble

Running on ASP.NET Core (Kestrel) with Dapper for data access

Building an Awesome API with .NET Core-Nancy-Dapper

Repo is fairly basic with HomeModule and DispoModule that return a "greeting" from appsettings.json and the other that utilizes Dapper for data access, showing how to implement a POST that inserts an object to the database and GET requests to retrieve data.

  • Modules are to Nancy as Controllers are to ASP.NET
  • For more information, read my blog post on this project
  • One thing: in latest update I've deleted IDbConnectionProvider, you can kinda skip over that piece and check the sample code here. I think this is much cleaner.

Ready to load and run in Visual Studio with .sln file

You may also open and edit/debug using Visual Studio Code, just ignore the Visual Studio .sln file and open the inner folder.

For more details, see my blog post @

Thanks & Credits

First and foremost, thanks & credit to the NancyFX team of developers for building an awesome framework.

Also thanks to the awesome community that was always around to chime in when I had a question.

and lastly, non-Nancy team member but awesome community member:

Credits to's blog post @ for help in getting set up. I used some of their info there to help guide me.

Plans to use this alongside some other ASP.NET WebAPI's and perhaps use for some profiling tasks (EF vs Dapper, Nancy vs ASP.NET both on Kestrel, etc).


A small demo web app (api) on .NET Core, NancyFX & Dapper







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