Foundation 3 Framework for Magento 1.7. Foundation styles and libraries. Magento Responsive theme. Off-canvas Left-Right sidebar columns for mobile.
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Magento Foundation 3 Framework

Zurb Foundation 3 framework for Magento 1.7.

Magento Foundation 3 Version 1.3.0.

Demo page:

Magento Connect: You can see screenshots in the Magento Connect gallery.


Minimal Magento template required files.

Foundation CSS an JS files included.

Basic Magento required styles in styles.css.

Removed fixed widths. Fluid layout.

Product view improved for mobile: Title, image, add to cart.

Clean and cool sidebar modules.

Icon fonts for Cart, Wishlist, Compare, Remove,...

Cart, Checkout and Customer account.

Left and Right Off-canvas sidebar columns.

Top Nav with mini-cart.

NEW! - Mobile menu.


Orbit Slider.

Accordion in sidebar modules.

Clearings Gallery for image product.

Reveal for every pop-ups.

We need help with JavaScript stuff!