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Accessing IrcBot from a script #23

hferentschik opened this Issue · 5 comments

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more of a question really, but how would I go about if I want to write a custom script and want to access the bot variable defined in the Is that possible?


Good question. I am wondering something similar, I need to send raw Irc commands from my Hubot. Is that possible?


Well, the hubot (hubot-irc) has a reference to the Irc module as the .bot property.

I'm not sure what exactly your use case is, but I would probably approach this as a script.

This explanation of Hubot Scripts shows that you get a reference to the hubot from your script initialization. You could check for the presence of and that it was of type Irc; something like this (this exact code probably won't work)


module.exports = (robot) ->
  return unless typeof is "IrcClient"

  robot.respond /hi|hello/i, (msg) ->
    # Send some IRC command...

Hope that helps, if not, please give some examples of what you've tried and what your use case is.


I have found that you can access the irc 'bot' via

module.exports = (robot) ->

So now the issue for me is sending raw commands such as MODE. We have a private internal IRC server and our bots control operators with on an old java framework. I would like to have my irc hubot send the MODE command to add operator mode to a given user. I have tried modifying the adapter and playing around even with the node-irc package to no avail. Here is one example of something that didnt work from within the irc hubot adapter

mode: () ->
    @bot.emit 'raw',
       command: 'MODE'
       nick: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_NICK
       args: ["#myroom", "+o", "myuser"]

Something like that seems like it should work when calling it like:

module.exports = (robot) ->

Function gets called as you would expect, but mode does not change. Maybe an expert here can comment. Cheers


Here is a simple hubot script that grants OP to anyone that asks hubot for it - no need to edit

module.exports = (robot) ->
  robot.respond /op me/i, (msg) ->
    robot.adapter.command('MODE',, '+o',;

Awesome find nmcclain! I could have sworn I tried that, but I must have missed it. Thanks!

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