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OBSOLETE: It looks like opentracker was added to OpenWRT, so this package is not needed anymore, even if you try this it still won't work as the menu items has changed.

To install opentracker on OpenWRT:

# cd ~
# svn co svn:// openwrt
# cd openwrt
# cp ./feeds.conf.default ./feeds.conf
# echo 'src-git opentracker git://' >> ./feeds.conf
# ./scripts/feeds update -a
# ./scripts/feeds install opentracker

Then configure for your system:

# make menuconfig

Select your system type and the options you want and choose:

Application ---> [*] opentracker

Then save and close the configuration menu, then allow OpenWRT to resolve dependencies:

# make defconfig

Then build:

# make

If you have a multicore processor, you can build faster using -j, however the OpenWRT build process is not highly parallelized so your milage may vary.

# make -j 4

To update the version of opentracker:

# rm ./dl/opentracker-*
# ./scripts/feeds update opentracker
# make