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# The TCP port to listen on
# The application name to register with Growl. This is what will show
# up in the Applications page of Growl's preferences
appname=Remote Irssi
# A passphrase used to secure growl messages sent by the app.
# An md5 hash of the message is created using this passphrase and
# verified by the server.
# The host to bind the server to. Most likely should be left as localhost
# unless you have a multi-homed system.
# An arbitrary comma-delimited string of notification types. You will see
# these types appear in Growl
# The default notification to use. Must be one of the above.
# Whether the message should be "sticky" and remain on the monitor
# until the user clicks on it.
# Optional image to dispaly in the message. This should correspond to a
# name listed in ~/.growl-server as "image.XXX"
# key used for blowfish encryption of message. To disable encryption
# (if you're connecting via an ssh or vpn tunnel, etc) just comment
# out the encryption key in both the client & server. Blowfish keys
# can be up to 56 bytes long (which provides best encryption)
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