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Integrate php-cs-fixer created by fabpot.

This plugin will execute the php-cs-fixer command on the directory or file (depends on which command you call). See options to know how to customize that.

Options available:

let g:php_cs_fixer_path = "~/php-cs-fixer.phar" " define the path to the php-cs-fixer.phar
let g:php_cs_fixer_level = "all"                " which level ?
let g:php_cs_fixer_config = "default"           " configuration
let g:php_cs_fixer_php_path = "php"             " Path to PHP
let g:php_cs_fixer_fixers_list = ""             " List of fixers
let g:php_cs_fixer_enable_default_mapping = 1   " Enable the mapping by default (<leader>pcd)
let g:php_cs_fixer_dry_run = 0                  " Call command with dry-run option
let g:php_cs_fixer_verbose = 0                  " Return the output of command if 1, else an inline information.

Default mapping is <leader>pcd

If you want to change it:

nnoremap <silent><leader>pcd :call PhpCsFixerFixDirectory()<CR>
nnoremap <silent><leader>pcf :call PhpCsFixerFixFile()<CR>


Via Vundle, add:

Bundle 'stephpy/vim-php-cs-fixer'

To see how to install php-cs-fixer, look at php-cs-fixer repository.

If you see any improvement or question, contribute or create an issue