Full Text Search with Dropbox
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# Full Text Search with Dropbox

## Description
Allows you to full text index documents stored in your dropbox account.  Upon authenticating, you can input the Dropbox directories to index.

## Installation
Requires Solr 3.1.0 or above

Install Solr and run using the example configuration:
cd apache-solr-3.1.0/example
nohup java -jar start &

NOTE: You will want to configure Solr to only bind to localhost instead of all IP's which it does by default.  In addition you will want to block all traffic to the default port 8983.  Without these steps, solr will be unsecure and available for anyone to search your files.

Download and extract searchdropbox
cd searchdropbox/config
Update config settings with Dropbox application API keys in config.yml.example and copy to config.yml

To start and stop the application:
thin -C thin.yml start
thin -C thin.yml stop

Should default to running at http://yourhost:4567/

## Development notes
Uses sinatra, haml, ujs, dropbox, rsolr, and backbone.js.

## To run tests
- rspec spec/
- rake jasmine:ci or rake jasmine

## Roadmap
- Update UI
- Add caching to dropbox api calls
- Add more tests
- Look into Solr Collections vs fq