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Octopress Theme for Pelican

This is a theme for Pelican that looks like Octopress default theme. I wrote this theme for my personal blog.

Why use this theme?

I really like Octopress default theme, I think is enough pretty and very readable. On the other hand I don't like any of the themes currently available for Pelican. As I'm not able to write a nice theme from scratch I've just copied the Octopress' one.

Why didn't you use Octopress?

I've started writing my blog with Octopress but I haven't found a way to easily have a multi-language blog without hacking more than the time I was planning to spend to setup my blog. You can argue that the time spent to copy the Octopress' theme is more than adding a multi-language feature for Octopress.. I'm not sure of that since I've no idea what kind of changes Octopress required to support multiple language per post.

I've found out that I like more the organization of Pelican: Octopress/Jekyll have a unique repository you have to fork, so its code is mixed with your blog's data. Pelican instead separates the two things. Also Pelican is written in Python that I know way better than Ruby.

The theme is missing XXX

I've started writing this theme just for my blog and my blog required few template pages and few features. If you want to add XXX please be free to fork this repository and submit a pull request, I'll be happy to merge it!


This theme add a nice section on the sidebar with a list of GitHub repositories of the user. You can enable it by using these settings:

  • GITHUB_USER: (required to enable) username

This theme also allows sharing via Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook. To enable any of these, use the following settings:

  • TWITTER_USER: ['username'|'']
  • GOOGLE_PLUS_USER: ['username'|'']
  • FACEBOOK_LIKE: [True|False]

Extra twitter options: default values are shown

  • TWITTER_TWEET_BUTTON: False show twitter tweet button
  • TWITTER_FOLLOW_BUTTON: False show twitter follow button
  • TWITTER_LATEST_TWEETS: False list latest tweets
  • TWITTER_TWEET_COUNT: 3 number of latest tweets to show
  • TWITTER_SHOW_REPLIES: 'false' whether to list replies among latest tweets
  • TWITTER_SHOW_FOLLOWER_COUNT: 'true' show number of followers

Extra google plus options: default values are shown

  • GOOGLE_PLUS_ONE: False show +1 button
  • GOOGLE_PLUS_HIDDEN: False hide the google plus sidebar link.

Search box options

  • SEARCH_BOX: set to true to enable site search box
  • SITESEARCH: [default: ''] search engine to which search form should be pointed (optional)


  1. Fork the repository on Github
  2. Send a pull request


  • Maurizio Sambati: Initial porting of the theme.
  • Geoffrey Lehée: GitHub plugin, some cleaning and some missing standard Pelican features (social plugins and links).
  • Ekin Ertaç: Open links in other window, add tags and categories.
  • Jake Vanderplas: Work on Twitter, Google plus, Facebook, and Disqus plugins.


Octopress default theme copied for pelican



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