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If you are new to RoboMasterPy, you may want to read :ref:`Quick Start <quickstart>` firstly.

The API documentation here are in Chinese-English contraposition style.

Receive IP Broadcast

Robomaster broadcasts its IP address under router mode.

.. autofunction:: robomasterpy.get_broadcast_ip


Commander is a SDK(client) for Robomaster TCP text API.

.. autoclass:: robomasterpy.Commander


For a brief introduction on framework, read :ref:`Quick Start <quickstart>`.


Hub is where workers live, its API is declarative rather than imperative.

.. autoclass:: robomasterpy.framework.Hub


.. autoclass:: robomasterpy.framework.Worker

Sugared Workers

RoboMasterPy comes with some sugared worker to satisfy common needs, their names are self-explanatory.

You can always inherit and implement your own worker if sugared ones do not cover your need.

.. autoclass:: robomasterpy.framework.Vision
   :members: __init__

.. autoclass:: robomasterpy.framework.PushListener
   :members: __init__

.. autoclass:: robomasterpy.framework.EventListener
   :members: __init__

.. autoclass:: robomasterpy.framework.Mind
   :members: __init__


Helpers are some good-to-have features that may be useful for your task.

Distance Measure

Some helpers for distance measure and analysis on video stream.

.. autofunction:: robomasterpy.measure.pinhole_distance
.. autofunction:: robomasterpy.measure.distance_decomposition