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NanoByte.Common provides various utility classes and data structures with an emphasis on:

  • integration with native Windows and Linux features,
  • network and disk IO,
  • advanced collections and
  • undo/redo logic.

The library is available for .NET Framework 2.0+ and .NET Standard 2.0+.


NanoByte.Common.WinForms builds upon NanoByte.Common and adds various Windows Forms controls with an emphasis on:

  • progress reporting and
  • data binding.

The library is available for .NET Framework 2.0+.


The source code is in src/, a project for API documentation is in doc/ and generated build artifacts are placed in artifacts/.

You need Visual Studio 2017 to perform a full build of this project.
You can build the cross-platform components on Linux using only the .NET Core SDK 2.1+. Additionally installing Mono 5.10+ allows more components to be built. The build scripts will automatically adjust accordingly.

Run .\build.ps1 on Windows or ./ on Linux. These scripts take a version number as an input argument. The source code itself contains no version numbers. Instead the version is picked by continuous integration using GitVersion.


We welcome contributions to this project such as bug reports, recommendations, pull requests and translations.

This repository contains an EditorConfig file. Please make sure to use an editor that supports it to ensure consistent code style, file encoding, etc.. For full tooling support for all style and naming conventions consider using JetBrain's ReSharper or Rider products.