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Nano Wallet for iOS
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Nano Wallet for iOS


  • Clone the repo
  • Make sure CocoaPods is installed and run pod install in the Raiblocks directory
  • Open the Raiblocks.xcworkspace file
  • You must build and run on your device due to the RaiCoreBase library's support for arm64 architecture.
  • You should be good to go!

Note: Nano Wallet for iOS supports devices with iOS 11+


All Nano Wallet development happens on GitHub. Contributions make for good karma and we welcome new contributors. We take contributors seriously, and thus have a contributor code of conduct.

  • Fork the codebase
  • See Issues for open bugs or feature requests
  • Make changes in your local branch
  • Submit a pull request for review, discussion and possible merge


Link Description Nano Wallet Company Homepage Nano Homepage
@NanoWalletCo Follow Nano on Twitter to stay up to date.
Releases Check out the releases and their changelogs.
Code of Conduct Find out the standards we hold ourselves to.

How to update RaiCoreBase if a new .dylib file is provided:

TODO: Rewrite this section with the .a lib

RaiCoreBase is an internal framework that handles Wallet Seed creation, private/public key creation, work signing and more. It can be found in the RaiCoreBase directory in the project.

It currently supports arm64 devices which means it does not support devices that don't support iOS 11.

  1. Note: This setup relies on Cocoapods as a dependency and won't work without it.

  2. In terminal, starting in the wallet's base directory, copy the .dylib file into the RaiCoreBase directory. Example: cp ../../Downloads/librai_lib.dylib RaiCoreBase/RaiCoreBase.dylib

new: cp ../../Downloads/librai_lib.a Signy/librai_lib.a

  1. In terminal, in the project root directory, run install_name_tool -id @rpath/RaiCoreBase.framework/RaiCoreBase ./RaiCoreBase/RaiCoreBase.dylib

  2. Remove the file extension: mv RaiCoreBase/RaiCoreBase.dylib RaiCoreBase/RaiCoreBase

  3. Make sure that Architectures says "arm64."

(That's it! You should be good to go.)


  • Build and run to make everything link and load up to make sure the code and framework is loaded together correctly.

  • Also make sure you're importing RaiCoreBase into the wrapper library's .h file, that should give you access to all functions in the the .m file

  • Go to Build Phases for the Framework and create a Copy Files job (if one doesn't exist, Destination: resources. Copy only when installing: no, Code sign on copy: yes). The item being copied has the file name RaiCoreBase.

  • Go to Build Phases for the main project target and create a Copy Files job (if one doesn't exist) where the item referenced is RaiCoreBase.framework (copy only when installing: no, code sign on copy: yes. Destination: Frameworks

  • In RaiCoreBase, make sure that the interface.h file is public to the Framework; Make sure RaiCoreBase is public (and required) to the Framework and the main project target

  • Make sure that the .framework is included in the main target's Embedded Binaries

  • Make sure that your RaiCoreBase.h file has #import <RaiCoreBase/interface.h> at the top

Have a question?

If you need any help, please visit our GitHub Issues or the Nano #support channel. Feel free to file an issue if you aren't able to find a solution.


Nano Wallet is released under the BSD-2 License

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