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nanoPI is an actively-secure MPC framework. This is our prototype, contains the static rewriter and the C++ source code.

Pre-required packages:

g++, make, libgcrypt-dev.

Static rewriter

Specify which file to rewrite in this line. Then simply run

$ make


  1. Replace the IP address and number of parties here.
  2. Run
$ make Install NoP=n

where "n" is the number of the parties.

For example, run

$ make Install NoP=4
  1. Run
$ make App NoP=n

where "App" is the name of your application.

For example, run

$ make AES NoP=4


After compiling the program, simply execuite

$ ./bin/app.out id port parameter

on each end, where "app" is the application name, "id" is the ID number of the party and "port" is the port number.

For example, run:

$ ./bin/AES.out id 12345 100

on each end will execute 100 x AES