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This is a basice engine used to launch static apps on Nanobox.


To use the static engine, specify static as your engine in your boxfile.yml.

  engine: static

Configuration Options

This engine exposes configuration options through the boxfile.yml, a yaml config file used to provision and configure your app's infrastructure when using Nanobox. This engine makes the following options available.

Overview of Boxfile Configuration Options

    # whether to redirect http to https
    force_https: true
    # the directory to serve up
    rel_dir: public

    # optional custom error pages
      - errors: 404
        page: errors/404/index.html

Generic Usage

The only configuration you need to do is to point the system to the directory containing the files to be served by the web server. This can be configured in the engine config in the boxfile with the rel_dir option as demonstrated above. The path should be relative to the directory the boxfile is in, and should not have a trailing slash.

To redirect http traffic to https you can specify force_https: true as shown above. By default https is not enforced.

Custom error pages

It is possible to optionally specify your own error pages for different HTTP status codes. For this you can specify error_pages in engine.config as shown above.

For each error page you add to the list you can specify multiple errors by listing the error codes separated by a space, as shown below.

  - errors: 500 502 503 504
    page: errors/500/index.html

Using site generators

If your site requires some processing, for example a compile step to turn your templates into plain html, you can still use this engine. In the explanation below Jekyll is used as an example.

First you need to identify which packages you require. For Jekyll you need at least ruby24-bundler and most likely nodejs. You can specify these packages in the dev_packages setting in the boxfile. The packages will only be used in the compile step on your machine, so they will not be available in production. An example of this can be found below.

After specifying the packages the last thing to do is to list the commands required to compile your site in extra_steps as shown below.

    - ruby24-bundler
    - nodejs

    - bundle install
    - bundle exec jekyll build

Help & Support

This is a static engine provided by Nanobox. If you need help with this engine, you can reach out to us in the #nanobox IRC channel. If you are running into an issue with the engine, feel free to create a new issue on this project.