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Store temp data per output dir #1071

merged 12 commits into from Jan 19, 2017

Revert "Do not store temp data per-env"

This reverts commit 70eaae5.
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ddfreyne committed Jan 17, 2017
commit a12149db9d30ce0517d7b00138654e4beccf7d8b
@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@ class ChecksumStore < ::Nanoc::Int::Store
c_obj = C::Or[Nanoc::Int::Item, Nanoc::Int::Layout, Nanoc::Int::Configuration, Nanoc::Int::CodeSnippet]

contract C::KeywordArgs[site: C::Maybe[Nanoc::Int::Site], objects: C::IterOf[c_obj]] => C::Any
def initialize(site: nil, objects:) # rubocop:disable Lint/UnusedMethodArgument
super('tmp/checksums', 1)
def initialize(site: nil, objects:)
super(Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: (site.config.env_name if site), store_name: 'checksums'), 1)

@objects = objects

@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ class CompiledContentCache < ::Nanoc::Int::Store
include Nanoc::Int::ContractsSupport

contract C::KeywordArgs[env_name: C::Maybe[String], items: C::IterOf[Nanoc::Int::Item]] => C::Any
def initialize(env_name: nil, items:) # rubocop:disable Lint/UnusedMethodArgument
super('tmp/compiled_content', 2)
def initialize(env_name: nil, items:)
super(Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: env_name, store_name: 'compiled_content'), 2)

@items = items
@cache = {}
@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ class DependencyStore < ::Nanoc::Int::Store
attr_accessor :objects

# @param [Array<Nanoc::Int::Item, Nanoc::Int::Layout>] objects
def initialize(objects, env_name: nil) # rubocop:disable Lint/UnusedMethodArgument
super('tmp/dependencies', 4)
def initialize(objects, env_name: nil)
super(Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: env_name, store_name: 'dependencies'), 4)

@objects = objects
@new_objects = []
@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ class OutdatednessStore < ::Nanoc::Int::Store
include Nanoc::Int::ContractsSupport

contract C::KeywordArgs[site: C::Maybe[Nanoc::Int::Site], reps: Nanoc::Int::ItemRepRepo] => C::Any
def initialize(site: nil, reps:) # rubocop:disable Lint/UnusedMethodArgument
super('tmp/outdatedness', 1)
def initialize(site: nil, reps:)
super(Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: (site.config.env_name if site), store_name: 'outdatedness'), 1)

@outdated_reps =
@all_reps = reps
@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ module Nanoc::Int
# @api private
class RuleMemoryStore < ::Nanoc::Int::Store
def initialize(env_name: nil) # rubocop:disable Lint/UnusedMethodArgument
super('tmp/rule_memory', 1)
def initialize(env_name: nil)
super(Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: env_name, store_name: 'rule_memory'), 1)

@rule_memories = {}
@@ -36,6 +36,13 @@ def initialize(filename, version)
@version = version

# Logic for building tmp path from active environment and store name
# @api private
contract C::KeywordArgs[env_name: C::Maybe[String], store_name: String] => String
def self.tmp_path_for(env_name:, store_name:)
File.join('tmp', env_name.to_s, store_name)

# @group Loading and storing data

# @return The data that should be written to the disk

This file was deleted.

Oops, something went wrong.
@@ -34,4 +34,26 @@ def test_delete_and_reload_on_error

def test_tmp_path_with_nil_env
tmp_path_for_checksum = Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: nil, store_name: 'checksum')
tmp_path_for_rule_memory = Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: nil, store_name: 'rule_memory')
tmp_path_for_dependencies = Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: nil, store_name: 'dependencies')
tmp_path_for_compiled_content = Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: nil, store_name: 'compiled_content')
assert_equal('tmp/checksum', tmp_path_for_checksum)
assert_equal('tmp/rule_memory', tmp_path_for_rule_memory)
assert_equal('tmp/dependencies', tmp_path_for_dependencies)
assert_equal('tmp/compiled_content', tmp_path_for_compiled_content)

def test_tmp_path_with_test_env
tmp_path_for_checksum = Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: 'test', store_name: 'checksum')
tmp_path_for_rule_memory = Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: 'test', store_name: 'rule_memory')
tmp_path_for_dependencies = Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: 'test', store_name: 'dependencies')
tmp_path_for_compiled_content = Nanoc::Int::Store.tmp_path_for(env_name: 'test', store_name: 'compiled_content')
assert_equal('tmp/test/checksum', tmp_path_for_checksum)
assert_equal('tmp/test/rule_memory', tmp_path_for_rule_memory)
assert_equal('tmp/test/dependencies', tmp_path_for_dependencies)
assert_equal('tmp/test/compiled_content', tmp_path_for_compiled_content)
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