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Pretty6502 v0.7 by Oscar Toledo G.

Executables provided for Mac OS X and Windows.

    pretty6502 [args] input.asm output.asm

It's recommended to not use same output file as input,
even if possible because there is a chance (0.0000001%)
that you can DAMAGE YOUR SOURCE if Pretty6502 has
undiscovered bugs.

    -s0       Code in four columns (default)
              label: mnemonic operand comment
    -s1       Code in three columns
              label: mnemonic+operand comment

    -p0       Processor unknown.
    -p1       Processor 6502 + DASM syntax (default)
    -p2       Processor Z80 + tniASM syntax
    -p3       Processor CP1610 + as1600 syntax (Intellivision)
    -p4       Processor TMS9900 + xas99 syntax (TI-99/4A)
    -p5       Processor 8086 + nasm syntax

    -m8       Start of mnemonic column (default)
    -o16      Start of operand column (default)
    -c32      Start of comment column (default)

    -t8       Use tabs of size 8 to reach column
    -t0       Use spaces to align (default)

    -a0       Align comments to nearest column
    -a1       Comments at line start are aligned
              to mnemonic (default)

    -n4       Nesting spacing (can be any number
              of spaces or multiple of tab size)

    -l        Put labels in its own line

    -dl       Change directives to lowercase
    -du       Change directives to uppercase
    -ml       Change mnemonics to lowercase
    -mu       Change mnemonics to uppercase

Assumes all your labels are at start of line and there is space
before mnemonic.

Accepts any assembler file where ; means comment
[label] mnemonic [operand] ; comment