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A Roguelike game for MSX
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      |  _  |  _  |                           
   ____\ V /| |/' |_ __ ___   __ _ _   _  ___ 
  |_  // _ \|  /| | '__/ _ \ / _` | | | |/ _ \
   / /| |_| \ |_/ / | | (_) | (_| | |_| |  __/
  /___\_____/\___/|_|  \___/ \__, |\__,_|\___|
  \            A_________     __/ |          /           
   \        )==o_________>   |___/          /

z80rogue, a roguelike game for MSX/Colecovision/Memotech
by Oscar Toledo G. Sep/29/2019.

You need tniASM v0.44 to assemble it:

    tniasm rogue.asm

You can edit internally the definitions for assembly for MSX,
Colecovision, or Memotech (put 1 to your selected platform,
and zero for all others).

It should be easily portable to any computer/console with
Z80 CPU and TMS9928 video processor.
This is an almost direct port of my game bootRogue.


Move with the arrow keys or joystick to reveal the area
where you are. Any action is done by touching the target.

Any letter is a monster, the Aardvark monster is the most
easiest of the game, while the Zombie master monster is the
most difficult one. Touching them will cause a battle to
start, press any key to keep advancing the battle and see
how your HP goes down.

The diamonds are traps that will suck your HP.

The clover symbol is food. The square with a hole in the
center is armor, getting more of these means the monsters
will have a hard time hitting you. The up arrow is weapon,
getting more of these means the monsters will receive harder

The asterisk like symbol is gold, but doesn't affect the
gameplay nor is counted, but I wanted to have gold in the game ;)

Finally the Amulet of Yendor is represented by a Female sign,
and it will appear only in level 26 or deeper. Once you get
the amulet, the ladders will start taking you to upper levels.

The game will stop once you lose all your HP or take the last
ladder to surface.

Enjoy it!

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