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@argakiig argakiig released this Apr 19, 2018 · 7 commits to releases/v12 since this release

12.0 Release Notes


  • De-peer nodes < v11 since they don't understand state blocks
    • For the time being, v11 nodes will act as a bridge between old peers and new peers
  • Prevent IO thread starvation
  • Improved fork resolution process
  • Priority queue for faster cleanup on rollbacks
  • Confirmation history tracking
  • Less log spam, various log cleanups and more accurate vote- and rollback logging
  • Answer with successor block on confirmation requests (#803)
  • Local work can be disabled if peers are down (#791)
  • Disallow account variations (#797)
  • Fixed deadlock when shutting down the node
  • Elections during bootstrap are more resilient (#810)


  • State block RPC improvements (#785)
  • Balance option for blocks_info (#794)
  • Work and signature added to raw account_history
  • Send callback contains actual amount (#796)

SHA256 for verification
Linux: d6a5baf5aa235df01a92f72a7890d0313aea23092395487dee31ff84e58d9aec
Windows: 6a66f032480df49820a93758715d2f26f1e4aa13134d49cd6017946a0266cbeb
Mac Pending Release

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