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Nano Milestone 13 Release

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@argakiig argakiig released this 10 May 16:40

13.0 Release Notes


  • Confirming quorom against online stake instead of a fixed quantity
  • Configurable online weight minimum and quorum percentage delta
  • No longer holds bootstrap attempt open while forks are being resolved
  • Expanding the window in which blocks are rebroadcast to the network
  • Votes are announced until quorum is met
  • Missing blocks are pushed back to the frontiers-requesting peer (#844)
  • Rep vote optimizations / transaction cleanup (#849)
  • Support nano_ address prefix (#854)
  • Reduce peer list fanout in half
  • Removing private addresses from live network peers
  • bulk_push_client fixes
  • Removing the unsynced database and dependency visitor
  • Fix handling of invalid wallet work (#832)
  • New timout mechanism with lower overhead
  • Statistics support (#759)


  • block_confirm: New RPC action to allow manual triggering of block confirmation
  • block_hash: New RPC action to return the block hash (#830)
  • stats: New RPC action to retrieve node statistics
  • account_history: Fixed the account field for state block sends (#819)
  • block_create: Allow zero balance in block_create for state block sends (#817)


  • Resolve breaking changes in Boost 1.67 (#829)
  • Improved tests and code simplification (#814, #815, 25b73b)
  • Performance improvements and code improvements (#831, #838)
  • Logging improvements and code documentation fixes
  • Prevent log deletion by inactive_node (#802)
  • Fix inverted check in scan_receivable causing spurious asserts (#846)

SHA256 hash
Mac: b696aa438a7e5e74a06f04f2e2e8dc3d552afe90792f05a8d4c836609bb34582
Linux: 291bd9104fdb76cfff61589def8ffaa62c871e67a9f77f18503b6921ea08d321
Windows: b5d7b2c6689a0f9b2c4a816541a7285d2fb1794d4d39c8b023bf308627721a57