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mikerow edited this page Sep 29, 2016 · 46 revisions


  • Bitcoin compatibility API (not necessary IMHO, MikeRow)
  • IP multicast transactions
  • Track receivable balance for user display
  • Create confirm_list message for bandwidth saving
  • Digitally sign executables OSX/Windows
  • Fixed-rate keepalive
  • Checksum calculating for efficient reconnection and bootstrapping
  • Block pruning for lite clients
  • Language bindings
  • Self-updating client (not necessary IMHO just add a Ubuntu rep, MikeRow)
  • Work-generating applications
  • Improve build process


  • Deterministic wallet format
  • Async RPC handling
  • Stabilize with community feedback
  • Activate live network and begin distribution
  • Node virtual appliance for server environments
  • Accept and update work on a block if someone does more work on it
  • Multithreaded correctness for transactions
  • Wallet block viewer
  • Print block RPC
  • Configurable logging
  • Wallet disconnection indicator
  • Calculating successor an efficient way
  • Block gap negotiation
  • Get merchant API implementation running
  • Mechanism to extract wallet private keys for transfer.
  • Select live-network port
  • Refine block path selection for more efficient bootstrapping
  • Wallet GUI improvements
  • Precalculate block work so next block can be sent using cached value.
  • Multithreaded work
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