A command line tool for the VecMulti cartridge for the Vectrex.
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VecMulti tool

With this tool you can control your VecMulti cartridge. It has support for building a menu and uploading programs over serial.

usage: vecmulti [-h] [--verbose] {load,menu} ...

positional arguments:
  {load,menu}  command help
    load       Load a program into the the Vectrex using the VecMulti dev
    menu       Create a menu to use on the VecMulti cartridge.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  --verbose    Show what is going on.

Build a menu

$> vecmulti menu source destination

 usage: vecmulti menu [-h] source destination

positional arguments:
  source       Source folder containing games (*.bin files).
  destination  Destination folder.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit

Upload a program over the development connection

$> vecmulti load --port /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART --progress test/in/Wormhole.bin

usage: vecmulti load [-h] [--port PORT] [--progress] rom

positional arguments:
  rom          ROM file to upload to Vectrex.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  --port PORT  Specify connection port.
  --progress   Show a progress bar.

Connecting a serial to USB cable

[--- top of pcb ---]
    x - GND
    x - PC RX
    x - PC TX


You need to have Python and pyserial installed.


Johan Van den Brande