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coffee-mill-maven-plugin is a Maven plugin focusing on modern web development and especially on the client side technologies. A lot of technologies have emerged to make client-side development a bit easier.

Why using Apache Maven for such kind of code ? Because such development can also benefit from modularity, testing and from a somewhat strict build process. Actually, they definitely requires it to keep project development on rails.

The goal of the project is to cover the complete lifecycle of such artifacts : compilation, validation, tests, aggregation, minification, reporting... Everything required to deliver reusable and robust artifacts.


  • Build aggregated and minified JavaScript components
  • Make your component more robust with unit and integration tests using Jasmine
  • Build modular JavaScript application by depending on your other components
  • Use CoffeeScript or TypeScript without thinking about compilation
  • Compile Dust templates for you
  • Validate your CSS files, compile LESS files
  • Optimize your JPEG and PNG files using jpegtran and OptiPNG
  • Don't worry about aggregation and minification, the plugin manages that for you
  • Don't launch Maven continuously, the watch mode monitor your files and process them


The documentation is available on:


This plugin is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. The project is part of the nanoko initiative.

Issues Tracker

Follow project issues on our JIRA instance : https://ubidreams.atlassian.net/browse/NANOKO/component/10101