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Mangos™ is an implementation in pure Go of the SP (“Scalability Protocols”) messaging system. These are colloquially known as a “nanomsg”.

The import path has changed! Please change any references from to The old v2 imports will still work for old applications, provided that a sufficiently modern version of Go is used. However, no further work will be done on v2.
Versions 1 and 2 of mangos were at different import locations. Those versions will still inter-operate with this version, except that within the same process the inproc transport can only be used by consumers using the same version of mangos.

The modern C implementation of the SP protocols is available as NNG™.

The original implementation of the SP protocols is available as nanomsg™.

Generally (modulo a few caveats) all of these implementations can inter-operate.

The design is intended to make it easy to add new transports with almost trivial effort, as well as new topologies (“protocols” in SP parlance.)

At present, all of the Req/Rep, Pub/Sub, Pair, Bus, Push/Pull, and Surveyor/Respondent patterns are supported. This project also supports an experimental protocol called Star.

Supported transports include TCP, inproc, IPC, WebSocket, WebSocket/TLS and TLS.

Basic interoperability with nanomsg and NNG has been verified (you can do so yourself with nanocat and macat) for all protocols and transports that NNG and nanomsg support, except for the ZeroTier transport and the PAIRv1 protocol, which are only supported in NNG at this time.

There are a number of projects that use these products together.



This package supports internal self tests, which can be run in the idiomatic Go way. (Note that most of the tests are in a test subdirectory.)

$ go test

There are also internal benchmarks available:

$ go test -bench=.

Commercial Support


Some examples are posted in the directories under examples/ in this project.

These examples are rewrites (in Go) of Tim Dysinger’s Getting Started with Nanomsg.

Running go doc in the example directories will yield information about how to run each example program.


Copyright 2020 The Mangos Authors

mangos™, Nanomsg™ and NNG™ are trademarks of Garrett D’Amore.