Assets 3
  • removed devfee, miner is completely free now.
  • added "-pow7" option to support Monero hardfork, use "-pow7 1" value to enable it.
Assets 3
  • fixed issue with crash on some systems with a lot of CPU kernels.
  • now miner shows current mining speed instead of total average speed.
  • added missed "msvcr110.dll".
  • "-allpools 1" is used automatically when necessary.
  • added "s" key to see current statistics.
  • some minor changes and improvements.
  • now all options can be stored in "config.txt" file.
  • added "-allpools" option.
  • added SSL connection support.
  • added remote management support.
  • reduced devfee, it's 2% now if you use secure SSL/TLS connection, 2.5% for unsecure connection.
  • new failover file format, see "epools.txt" for details.
  • some minor changes and improvements.

@nanopool nanopool released this Jan 11, 2017 · 1 commit to master since this release

Assets 3

This is POOL version.

This version is for Windows, both x64 and x86. No Linux support planned.

This version uses AES-NI if CPU supports it, but also works with older CPUs that don' support AES-NI.

This miner is free-to-use, however, current developer fee is 2.5%, miner mines 39 rounds for you and 1 round for developer.
If you don't agree with dev fee - don't use this miner, or use "-nofee" option.
Attempts to cheat and remove dev fee will cause a bit slower mining speed (same as "-nofee 1") though miner will show same hashrate.