Assets 3

Parameters: -h Print this help and quit -l [location] Stratum server:port -u [username] Username (bitcoinaddress) -a [port] Local API port (default: 0 = do not bind) -d [level] Debug print level (0 = print all, 5 = fatal only, default: 2) -b [hashes] Run in benchmark mode (default: 200 iterations)

CPU settings -t [num_thrds] Number of CPU threads -e [ext] Force CPU ext (0 = SSE2, 1 = AVX, 2 = AVX2)

NVIDIA CUDA settings -ci CUDA info -cd [devices] Enable CUDA mining on spec. devices -cb [blocks] Number of blocks -ct [tpb] Number of threads per block Example: -cd 0 2 -cb 12 16 -ct 64 128

If run without parameters, miner will start mining with 75% of available logical CPU cores. Use parameter -h to learn about available parameters: