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Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Nanopores for single molecule (DNA/RNA, protein) analysis using the MinION, GridION and PromethION systems


  1. medaka Public

    Sequence correction provided by ONT Research

    Python 202 40

  2. bonito Public

    A PyTorch Basecaller for Oxford Nanopore Reads

    Python 209 66

  3. taiyaki Public

    Training models for basecalling Oxford Nanopore reads

    Python 101 39

  4. Megalodon is a research command line tool to extract high accuracy modified base and sequence variant calls from raw nanopore reads by anchoring the information rich basecalling neural network out…

    Python 114 16

  5. Oxford Nanopore Technologies fast5 API software

    Python 94 28

  6. Pipeline for calling structural variations in whole genomes sequencing Oxford Nanopore data

    Python 87 13