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set tabstospaces
set tabsize 4
set fill 76
set autoindent
set morespace
set quickblank
set multibuffer
set historylog
set undo
set smooth
set const
set nohelp
set regexp
set suspend
# File
bind ^O insert main
bind ^S writeout main
bind ^C cancel all
bind ^Q cancel all
bind ^W cancel all
bind ^Q exit main
bind ^W exit main
# Edit
bind ^A mark main
bind ^X cut main
bind ^V uncut main
bind ^U undo main
bind ^Y redo main
bind ^T verbatim main
bind F5 refresh all
bind F8 autoindent main
bind F12 autoindent main
# Search
bind ^F whereis all
bind ^H replace all
bind ^I casesens search
bind ^I casesens replace
bind ^R regex search
bind ^R regex replace
bind ^L gotoline main
bind F3 searchagain main
bind ^] findbracket main
# Default highlighting
syntax "default"
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