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3CAT-1 Beacon decoder
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3CAT-1 Beacon decoder

This repository contains a GNURADIO OOT module to be able to receive and decode the 3CAT-1 telemetry signal

The repository contains two folders:

  • 3cat-1: C program containing the beacon decoder. It conects to a GNURadio flowgraph through a TCP socket interface
  • cc_sdr: GNURadio OOT module to decode the 3CAT-1 telemetry

CC_SDR requirements:

  • gnuradio-dev
  • swig

Compilation of CC_SDR

cd cc_sdr
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. && make && sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

On some GNURadio versions, the grc in apps/hier_blocks/cc_bytesync.grc may not be compiled due to a version incompatibility with the block: "correlate_and_sync" from GNURadio. Change the block for the appropriated one.

Compilation of 3cat-1

cd 3cat-1
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. && make


Execute cc_sdr/apps/ .- substituing the USRP module by your preferred/available SDR. Take care with the sampling rates Execute cc_sdr/apps/ - This module connects to the previous one and executes the packet decoder

You can monitor the waterfall signal through cc_sdr/apps/

Execute 3cat-1/beacon_decoder to parse the beacons and print it on terminal screen

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