@Kris-B Kris-B released this Mar 20, 2017 · 127 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • new: thumbnails hover effects can now be chained and syntax has been enhanced with new options
  • new: stack motions effects on thumbnails - options 'thumbnailStacks' and 'thumbnailL1Stacks' to add N stacks behind the thumbnails (thanks to Mary Lou from Codrops for the inspiration - https://tympanus.net/codrops/2017/03/15/stack-motion-hover-effects/)
  • new: options 'thumbnailStacksTranslateX', 'thumbnailStacksTranslateY', 'thumbnailStacksTranslateZ', 'thumbnailStacksRotateX', 'thumbnailStacksRotateY', 'thumbnailStacksRotateZ', 'thumbnailStacksScale'
  • new: color scheme option 'stackBackground'
  • new: options 'thumbnailL1GutterWidth' and 'thumbnailL1GutterHeight'
  • new: #23 define a specific image for download (options 'downloadURL' or 'ngdownloadurl')
  • new: #21 option 'thumbnailDisplayOutsideScreen' to let the thumbnails always displayed even if not visible on screen (may impact performances)
  • new: parameter 'itemsBaseURL' ignored when source of an image is an full URL
  • new: #20 option 'data-ngcustomdata' (additionaly to 'ngcustomdata')
  • new: thumbnail icon 'display' to open a thumbnail even if selection mode is activated
  • changed: hammer.js v2.0.8
  • changed: 'viewerDisplayLogo' default value set to false
  • changed: access to old Picasa content now included in module google2
  • fixed: #28 - Setting navigationBreadcrumb borderRadius does not have impact
  • fixed: parameter 'galleryMaxItems' not working with data source 'google2'
  • fixed: parameter 'descriptionFontSize' ignored
  • fixed: image zoom with mouse wheel on Firefox

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