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PHP add-on for nanogallery2 for accessing Google Photos content.

Based on the Google Photos API.
Supported content: albums and photos (not videos).
Please note that the Google Photos API has a limit of 10.000 requests per day.



This app is delivered AS-IS, changes on Google side may break it without any warning.
Use at your own risk.


▶️ Upgrading from NANOGP to NANOGP2

The API used by nanogp is depreciated by Google and will be turned off on march 2019. A new API is available but the usage is not compatible with the depreciated one.

Migration - step by step:
  1. Install nanogp2 in a new folder (do not install over nanogp)
  2. Configure nanogp2
  3. update nanogallery2 settings in your HTML pages:
    • point google2URL to the new nanogp2 URL, e.g.: 'google2URL': 'https://YOUR_WEB_SERVER/nanogp2/nanogp2.php'
    • album's IDs have changed, update the value of the album parameter, if you use it.


▶️ Installation

  • Web server with PHP version > 5.4+
  • Cannot be run on localhost
  • nanogallery2 v2.4.1
Installation procedure
  • Create a folder named nanogp2 on your web server.
  • Copy the content of the dist folder in this folder.

You should have a structure with these folders, files and permissions:

     nanogp2              [rwx---r-x]
     │   authorize.php    [rw----r--]
     │   check.php        [rw----r--]
     │   nanogp2.php      [rw----r--]
     └─── admin           [rwx---r-x]
         │   .htaccess    [rw----r--]
         │   config.php   [rw----r--]
         │   tools.php    [rw----r--]
         └─── users       [rwx---r-x]
             │   xxxx     [rwx---r-x]
             │   ...      [rwx---r-x]



▶️ Enable Google API - Google API Console

  1. For your nanogp2 installation, you need to register your instance using the Google API Console.
    • create a new project called nanogallery2gp-YOUR-INSTANCE-NAME (the project name should be unique, so replace YOUR-INSTANCE-NAME with the name of your own instance)
    • create a OAuth consent screen
      • application name: nanogallery2gp-YOUR-INSTANCE-NAME
      • set the support email
      • add scopes: email, profile, openid
      • authorized domains: name of the domain where your nanogp2 is installed
    • create credentials kind OAuth Client ID
      • application type: Web application
      • name: nanogallery2gp-YOUR-INSTANCE-NAME
      • Authorized redirect URIs: set the full path to your authorize.php (once with http, and once with https)
  2. Google then provides information you'll need later, such as a client ID and a client secret.
  3. Activate the Google Photos Library API in the Google API Console. (If the API isn't listed in the API Console, then skip this step).


▶️ Configuration

Settings are defined in admin/config.php:

  $cfg_client_id     = 'yyy';
  $cfg_client_secret = 'zzz';
  $albums_filter     = ['sauvegarde', 'backup'];

Client ID ($cfg_client_id) and client secret ($cfg_client_secret) can be obtained from the Google API Console.
$albums_filter is used to filter albums out. Albums with a title containing one of the string will not be displayed.

Client secret should never be shared . Only your nanogp2 installation should access it.


▶️ User authorization


Grant authorization

  1. Once the settings are defined, you need to grant authorization to nanogp2 to access your Google Photos account.
  2. Use a browser and open the authorize.php page: https://YOUR_WEB_SERVER/nanogp2/authorize.php
  3. Google displays a consent screen, asking you to authorize your instance of nanogp2 to request some of your data. If you get a warning message This app isn't verified, you need to display the advanced options to grant authorization to your nanogp2 instance.

At the end of the process:

  • your user-ID is displayed. This value should be set in your nanogallery2's options (userID).
  • a folder named like your user-ID has been created in nanogp2/admin/users. It contains the files profile.txt, token_a.txt and token_r.txt. Never delete these files.

(if you've granted authorization and if you want to grant authorization again, follow the steps from the section Manually revoke authorization).


nanogallery2 parameters

After authorization is granted, from your browser, open the authorize.php page again to display the parameters for nanogallery2.



The admin folder should only be accessible to your PHP applications, and not from a browser.
For this, you may for example put an .htaccess file containing deny from all.


Manually revoke authorization



All your photos albums can by accessed by nanogp2. This may be misused by malicious people.
Please use nanogp2 only with a Google Photos account which does not contain any personal or privat data.

  • configure the option $albums_filter to protect your privacy


▶️ Retrieve one user's list of albums

Command to generate a report with the list of album's names and IDs for one specific user:

Replace YOUR_WEB_SERVER and USER_ID with the correct values for your nanogp2 instance.

For security reason, the report is generated in the user's folder on the server (nanogp2/admin/users/USER_ID/google_photos_data.txt).

Note: this report is only for your information and is not used by nanogallery2.


Google Photos provider for nanogallery2



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