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Some libraries were renamed or changed:
xmlrpclib was changed to xmlrpc.client
StringIO was changed to io

Python 3 makes a distinction between strings and bytes. stdin accepts
bytes which must be encoded from our input string. stdout returns bytes
which must be decoded into our output string.

(note - UTF8 encoding is the default and is used here, it may not be the
best choice. This script is untested on Python 2.x.)

Pipe challenge to gpg's stdin:
old: p1.stdin.write(input)
new: p1.stdin.write(bytes(input, 'UTF8'))

Pipe gpg's output to the XMLRPC call:
old: pasteid = s.pastes.newPaste('text',output)
new: pasteid = s.pastes.newPaste('text',output.decode())

Finally, the print statement is now a print() function:
old: print "" % (pasteid)
new: print ("",pasteid,"/", sep="")

@nanotube nanotube merged commit e87743d into nanotube:master
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Commits on May 3, 2011
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+#/usr/bin/env python
+# script to automatically gpg sign a message, upload it to,
+# and spit out the raw paste url. very effort-saving!
+# usage:
+# python yourchallengestringgoeshere
+# original code by nanotube, python 3 port by PLATO
+from xmlrpc.client import ServerProxy
+import subprocess
+import sys
+import io
+input = " ".join(sys.argv[1:])
+p1 = subprocess.Popen(['gpg','--clearsign'], stdin = subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
+p1.stdin.write(bytes(input, 'UTF8'))
+output = p1.communicate()[0]
+s = ServerProxy('')
+pasteid = s.pastes.newPaste('text',output.decode())
+print ("",pasteid,"/", sep="")
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