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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Thu May 2 14:03:12 2019
@author: Claude M. Schrader
from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function
#import everything we need
import os
import arcpy
import urllib2
import zipfile
#get the path of the documents directory and build paths to create
documents_dir = os.path.expanduser("~\Documents")
newdir = "final_project_cschrader"
newpath = os.path.join(documents_dir, newdir)
downloads_dir = os.path.join(newpath, "data")
#list containing the four files to download
zips_to_dl = ["",\
#create project and data directories if they don't exist.
#this is more elegant in later versions of python, but we're stuck with 2.7
if not os.path.exists(newpath):
if not os.path.exists(downloads_dir):
def fetch_data(url, dl_dir):
"""function to download and unzip if necessary
returns nothing
download_url = urllib2.urlopen(url)
zip_contents =
out_file_name = os.path.join(dl_dir, os.path.basename(url))
with open(out_file_name, 'wb') as outf:
#don't try to unzip the lyr file
if(out_file_name[-4:]) == ".zip":
with zipfile.ZipFile(out_file_name, 'r') as zipObj:
def spatial_analysis(schools_file_full_loc, schools_buff_loc, corner_store_loc,\
"""function that performs all the spatial analysis
returns nothing
#set up basic arc options
arcpy.env.workspace = newpath
arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True
#set a 300M buffer in the next step
buffer_dist = "300 Meters"
#set a 300 meter buffer around each school
arcpy.Buffer_analysis(schools_file_full_loc, schools_buff_loc, buffer_dist)
#look for healthy corner stores within 300m school buffer
arcpy.SpatialJoin_analysis(schools_buff_loc, corner_store_loc, stores_per_school_loc,\
#insert count of healthy stores back into the original school shp file
arcpy.JoinField_management(schools_file_full_loc, "SCHOOL_NUM", stores_per_school_loc,\
"SCHOOL_NUM", "Join_Count")
def make_map(dl_dir, rootpath, schools_buff_loc, schools_file_full_loc,\
schools_layer_loc, neighborhoods_loc):
"""create our map using the arc mapping module
returns nothing
#set up basic arc options
arcpy.env.workspace = newpath
arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True
#initial mxd template we use
mxd_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "final.mxd")
#name of PDF map we create
output_pdf_name = "Healthy_Stores_per_School.pdf"
#set up mxd object and data frames
mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(mxd_path)
data_frames = arcpy.mapping.ListDataFrames(mxd)
data_frame = data_frames[0]
#create layers from the neighborhood and schools shape files
layer0 = arcpy.mapping.Layer(neighborhoods_loc)
layer1 = arcpy.mapping.Layer(schools_file_full_loc)
#copy the symbology from the downloaded .lyr file. this is an inelegant
#way to accomplish this, but here we are
#this file was manually created in arcmap beforehand
arcpy.ApplySymbologyFromLayer_management(layer1, schools_layer_loc)
#add both layers into the map document we're about to export.
#make sure the base layer is on the bottom
arcpy.mapping.AddLayer(data_frame, layer0, "BOTTOM")
arcpy.mapping.AddLayer(data_frame, layer1, "TOP")
#export to PDF
arcpy.mapping.ExportToPDF(mxd, os.path.join(rootpath, output_pdf_name))
#also save out the modified mxd document for some manual prettying up
mxd.saveACopy(os.path.join(rootpath, "Healthy_Stores_per_School.mxd"))
#path to the healthy corner stores shapefile
corner_store = os.path.join(downloads_dir, "PhillyHealth_Healthy_corner_stores.shp")
#set up files and paths for the schools shape file and buffer output file
schools_file_basename = "PhillyPlanning_Schools.shp"
schools_file_full = os.path.join(downloads_dir, schools_file_basename)
schools_buff = schools_file_basename[:-4] + "_buff.shp"
#downloaded lyr file containing schools symbology
schools_layer = os.path.join(downloads_dir, "PhillyPlanning_Schools.lyr")
#intermediate file from spatial analysis
#could be converted into a transient in-memory layer
stores_per_school = "Healthy_stores_per_school.shp"
# philadelphia neighborhoods basemap
neighborhoods = os.path.join(downloads_dir, "PhillyPlanning_Neighborhoods.shp")
#now lets actually run the functions
#list comprehension running the fetch_data( ) function for each item in zips_to_dl
[fetch_data(file, downloads_dir) for file in zips_to_dl]
#run the spatial_analysis() function and pass in all necessary data as args
spatial_analysis(schools_file_full, schools_buff, corner_store, stores_per_school )
#make our actual map and output PDF and modified MXD files
make_map(downloads_dir, newpath, schools_buff, schools_file_full, schools_layer, neighborhoods)