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Design-first APIs with OpenAPI spec workshop
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Design-first APIs workshop

This workshop's goal is to introduce how to design APIs using OAS/Swagger and what you could get from its ecosystem/tooling with no/little implementation. It consists of different exercises, each one of them focuses in each stage of the lifecycle of an API: from design, testing, and consumption to the real implementation.

The primary goal is to show you all the benefits you could get since day one without writing a single line of code in your API. And compare what we are going to do with the usual code-first approach.


Participants should have installed:


We divided the workshop in these exercises. You don't need to complete any previous exercises to start a new one: each one of them has everything you need to start from scratch inside the begin folder, and the result we expect you to achieve inside the end folder. You can either use what you built in the previous exercise or use the contents of the begin folder.

Note: You can find the final version of API definition/OAS document we are going to use here.

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