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using tarball instead of a custom npm package
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@@ -13,22 +13,23 @@ We [created an issue on the Github site azure-sdk-for-node](
## Workaround 1
-Basically we've created and published a new npm package by following the steps below:
+Basically we created [Windows Azure SDK for Noje.js]( fork, we tweaked the [package.json]( file and use a `tarball` from GitHub as the npm package reference instead of using the official `0.6.5` package. Here are the steps:
-* Forked the [Windows Azure SDK for Noje.js]( repository.
-* Changed the package name form `azure` to `azure-0.4.7` in the [package.json]( file.
+* Create a new fork from GitHub of the [azure-sdk-for-node]( repository.
+* Open the `package.json` file and update the node engine requirement from `>= v0.6.5` to `>= 0.4.7`.
- "name": "azure-0.4.7"
+ "engines": { "node": ">= 0.4.7" }
-* Modifed the node engine requirement to >= 0.4.7 instead [package.json]( file.
+* Commit / Push your changes to GitHub
- "engines": { "node": ">= 0.4.7" }
+ git commit -a -m "# downgrading node engine dependency"
+ git push
-* Finally, we published a the new npm package
+* Then you can define the dependency in the package.json of your project using the `tarball` generated by GitHub as we will see further in the sample application.
- npm publish
+ "azure": ""
-The npm `azure-0.4.7` package is public, so instead of the using the official `azure`, you can use this one and it will do the trick! Further on this article you'll see how to use this package.
+**NOTE**: If you don't want to perform any other modification to the code, you can just use the tarball from my fork. If you want to use your fork replace `jpgarcia` by your Github's username.
**DISCLAIMER**: We didn't test all the library's functionality but it seems to be working fine running on `v0.4.7`.
@@ -40,7 +41,7 @@ There is a [Running Your Own Node.js Version on Heroku](
We'll use the [express]( npm package to create the application, so lets start.
-1. Create `package.json` file and configure the `express`, `ejs` and `azure-0.4.7` (our npm tweaked) as project dependencies:
+1. Create a new `package.json` file and configure the `express`, `ejs` and `azure` (using the tarball) as the project dependencies:
"name": "heroku-azure-storage-sample" ,
@@ -48,14 +49,14 @@ We'll use the [express]( npm package to create the applica
"dependencies": {
"express": "2.5.2",
"ejs": "0.6.1",
- "azure-0.4.7": "0.5.1"
+ "azure": ""
2. Create a `web.js` file with the following application logic to retrieve the containers for a given account:
var express = require('express')
- , azure = require('azure-0.4.7');
+ , azure = require('azure');
* Configuration

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