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@rmboggs rmboggs Add entry describing blocked zip files on Windows machines. 07c185a
@rmboggs rmboggs Added note regarding Mono 3.0 issues. 468aae7
@rmboggs rmboggs Updated OpenBSD version used for testing. 90b8e47
@rmboggs rmboggs Update nantcontrib links. adab18a
@rmboggs rmboggs Update NAntContrib to indicate that the release zipballs will now automatically upload to SF.NET instead of needing manual intervention. 6ea8c3c
@rmboggs rmboggs More updates for NAntContrib specific items. 796fa3e
@rmboggs rmboggs Minor link correction. d3c8848
@rmboggs rmboggs Made updates regarding where git and gnupg programs are loaded from. ced707a
@rmboggs rmboggs Add release guide link to home page. 3042c4a
@rmboggs rmboggs Add two more mailing lists. Modified email example to reflect Subject line criteria. 2b43714
@rmboggs rmboggs Forgot to add the nantcontrib dev list to the mailing list items. 4d5c4c6
@rmboggs rmboggs Remove DRAFT word. d6a0c01
@rmboggs rmboggs Add announcements and announcements example sections. a44ca6e
@rmboggs rmboggs Add message regarding the release process for NAntContrib. 0c9276e
@rmboggs rmboggs Wrapping up NAntContrib build process. eeb8c62
@rmboggs rmboggs Bolding True in #14 e5e5dde
@rmboggs rmboggs Fix path to build directory for web/index.html a3d6c4b
@rmboggs rmboggs Underlining where the web/index.html should be edited first. Use to be a source of problems for me in the past. 11b7641
@rmboggs rmboggs Updated the instructions for the web/index.html maintenance. d8bba90
@rmboggs rmboggs Updated example paths to C:\path\to\nant.git for clarity. 0964673
@rmboggs rmboggs Modifying Preparation section to add blurb about nmake.exe a1e8659
@rmboggs rmboggs Finishing initial draft of Building NAnt Release section. Starting Building NAntContrib Release section. d98f5fe
@rmboggs rmboggs Continuing to add to the build process section. 5b73b62
@rmboggs rmboggs Add additional information regarding the build process. c8de10b
@rmboggs rmboggs Start of initial draft of the release guide. 5325446
@rmboggs rmboggs Destroyed TODO (markdown) c23915a
@rmboggs rmboggs Add links to issues list for NAnt/NAntcontrib projects. Added additional information regarding NAnt testing (NUnit details) 26c6029
@rmboggs rmboggs Remove TODO link. TODO items move to issues section of appropriate projects. c9c5b95
@rmboggs rmboggs Formatting fix... 6248d49
@rmboggs rmboggs Minor updates (add mono install instructions for OpenSuSE 12.1, etc) bc6158f
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