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labels: Blog Workspace Life GTD created: 2014-01-19T00:00 modified: 2017-08-05T10:32 place: Phuket, Thailand comments: true

Workspace for a software developer


I worked from a lot of different places: home, hostels, student dorms, coffee houses, airports, trains, coworkings, rented houses. Some workspaces included armchair and table, sometimes I worked on the floor (about 1 month). Sometimes it was hot and sometimes I worked in shoes and hat. I used a big screens and few laptops, gprs and high speed internet connections. Sometimes it was quiet places and sometimes was a lot of noise.

The conclusion I made:

  • developer performance mainly related on ability to focus on his work
  • headphones and ambient music (try sometimes help a lot
  • macbook air 13 is not worse than laptop 15' + HD1080 display
  • battery capacity is valued
  • work at table (armchair is plus) is more comfortable than on floor
  • get up early allows to work in quiet and have more time to rest in daytime and evening
  • don't plan to do programming on road
  • the view outside table doesn't matter, wallpaper even more valued
  • surrounding people, maybe the most important

How to focus on work:

  • Прибери з робочого столу все
  • Скажи "ні" безцільному інтернет-серфінгу
  • Оштрафуй себе сам
  • Хвалити себе тупо, але ефективно
  • Вихваляйся успіхами
  • Встряхнись - гарненько відпочинь на вихідних
  • Склади список справ
  • Признач час для спілкування
  • Не зациклюйся на одній справі
  • Розберися з поштою
  • Забудь про особисте на роботі
  • Слухай музику
  • Велика чашка - запорука ефективної роботи
  • Робота - гра
  • Зміни своє ставлення до роботи

Location, location, location is overrated.

About work in travel:

UPD: 2015-06-28

A house on Panwa, Phuket

Big house on Panwa, Phuket

A sea view house, Phuket

House in mountain

Siri homestay, Lamphun

Siri homestay

UPD: 2015-10-22

Coworking in Batumi, Georgia.

Georgia, Fan Fan

Pomodoro technique.

UPD: 2017-06-15



Thailand 2017.

Thailand 2017

UPD: 2017-08-05

Hatch coworking, Phuket.