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Oleksandr Polieno aka nanvel

I can be called a computer geek. Computers and programming is something that I am ready to read, listen, watch, talk about forever. I am amazed by the speed of information technologies evolution, and how much it changing our World. I can't stand apart from the so interesting things.

I consider myself an engineer. This is not enough for me to know that it works properly, I need to know how and why it works. This knowledge makes me happy. Knowing that it works the way conceived by me makes me much happier. My goal - control, complexity - just the price I pay for the goal.

Why do I need a blog:

  • I do not remember, so I remember it all (I write all)
  • I do not repeat
    • I don't need to learn something again, I'll quickly remember that looking at my notes
    • I don't need to answer questions, I can refer to the site where answers are
  • I share experience
  • I delve deeper into issue while writing about it

Nanvel is an engineer name from Bern Up! Excess anime, who creates incredible things those amaze others.

I am on:

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