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Paper 6.25


A simple, clean, customizable Hugo theme.

∴ Fast | Customizable | Smooth


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Available options to config.toml or hugo.toml:

disqusShortname = 'YOUR_DISQUS_SHORTNAME'   # use disqus comments

  # color style
  color = 'linen'                           # linen, wheat, gray, light

  # header social icons
  twitter = 'YOUR_TWITTER_ID'               #
  github = 'YOUR_GITHUB_ID'                 #
  instagram = 'YOUR_INSTAGRAM_ID'           #
  linkedin = 'YOUR_LINKEDIN_ID'             #
  mastodon = 'YOUR_MASTODON_LINK'           # e.g. 'https://mastodon.instance/@xxx'
  threads = '@YOUR_THREADS_ID'              #
  rss = true                                # show rss icon

  # home page profile
  avatar = 'GRAVATAR_EMAIL'                 # gravatar email or image url
  name = 'YOUR_NAME'
  bio = 'YOUR_BIO'

  # misc
  disableHLJS = true                        # disable highlight.js
  disablePostNavigation = true              # disable post navigation
  monoDarkIcon = true                       # show monochrome dark mode icon
  gravatarCdn = 'GRAVATAR_CDN_LINK'         # e.g. ''
  math = true                               # enable KaTeX math typesetting globally
  localKatex = false                        # use local KaTeX js/css instead of CDN
  graphCommentId = "YOUR_GRAPH_COMMENT_ID"  # use graph comment (disqus alternative)
  favicon = "favicon.ico"                   # customize the default favicon
  appleTouchIcon = "apple-touch-icon.png"   # customize the default Apple touch icon

  # giscus
  repo = 'YOUR_GISCUS_REPO'                 # see for more details
  category = 'YOUR__GISCUS_CATEGORY'
  mapping = 'pathname'
  theme = 'light'
  lang = 'zh-CN'

Available options to front matter:

comments = false                            # disable comments for a specific page
math = true                                 # enable KaTeX math typesetting for a specific page


As git submodule

Inside the folder of your Hugo project, run:

git submodule add themes/paper

Open config.toml(or hugo.toml), change theme to "paper":

theme = "paper"

For more information, please read the official guide of Hugo.

As hugo module

Add paper theme ad dependency of your site:

hugo mod init<your_user>/<your_project>

Open config.toml(or hugo.toml), remove the theme line (if present), add module section to the bottom of the file:

    path = ""

For more information, please read the official guide of Hugo.


MIT License (c) nanxiaobei