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title: "RStudio Addins for liftr"
author: "Nan Xiao <<>>"
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%\VignetteIndexEntry{RStudio Addins for liftr}
# RStudio addins to the rescue
If you use RStudio, there is a good chance that you love the
`Knit` button that will give you the power of one-click R Markdown document compilation. Luckily, we also prepared four RStudio addins that supports
containerizing and rendering your documents with liftr.
<img src="" width="100%" class="img-responsive" alt="RStudio addins for liftr">
# Addin: 馃摝 Containerize
This addin helps you generate the `Dockerfile` for the current
R Markdown document opened in RStudio (with liftr meta),
using `lift()`.
# Addin: 馃帀 Render
This addin will generate the `Dockerfile` based on the document,
create the Docker container, and render the document inside the
container using `render_docker()`.
# Addin: 鉁傦笍 Prune Dangling
Sometimes the Docker image build fails due to various reasons,
this addin will help you clean up the unused dangling containers
and images automatically.
# Addin: 馃棏 Remove Image
After having a satisfying rendered document, maybe you would
not need the Docker image for rendering the document for a long time.
This addin helps you remove that particular Docker image.