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Simple high-interactive client honeypot
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Simple high-interactive client honeypot for traffic analysis of Drive-by Download


  • Windows
    • Host
    • Guest
      • Windows
  • Virtual Box
  • OpenVPN
    • Server
    • Client Software
  • Wireshark
  • Fiddler
  • Git


  1. Setup OpenVPN Server

  2. Install Virtual Box on Host
    Please set PATH so that VBoxManage.exe can be used

  3. Install Git for Windows on Host
    Create repository to store the data
    Repository's name is "starc.log"
    Please also set ssh key
    Please clone directly below the drive (C:\starc.log)

  4. Install Windows on VM
    VM's name is "starc"
    No Login Password
    No UAC
    Create very vulnerable VM

  5. Install OpenVPN Client on VM
    Be sure to connect confirmation!
    Please put a config file named vpn.ovpn under C:\starc.log\config on Host

  6. Install Wireshark on VM
    Please set PATH so that tshark.exe can be used

  7. Install Fiddler on VM
    Please set PATH so that fiddler.exe & execaction.exe can be used
    Please make the appropriate settings, Decrypt HTTPS traffic

  8. Make initial setting of Internet Explorer on VM

  9. Delete all files under %temp% as much as possible on VM

  10. Set starc.client.exe to startup on VM

  11. Change VM settings
    Delete clipboard share setting
    Delete drag and drop setting
    Delete share folder setting

  12. Create snapshot of VM
    Snapshot's name is "setuped"


$ starc.exe [URL]
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