A useful container for streams
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We've all pondered, "But what do I do with it?" The answer is universal: Wrap it in a bun! bun wraps a series of streams into a single stream.Duplex-compliant unit.

A Possible And Likely Scenario

Say you have an existing module with an implentation like this

// my-transport.js

Totally believable, right? Now each time someone wants to use your module, you have to do something like this

// too much work!

Gross! Puke! This is horribly inconvenient and ugly for the end user! Let's look at a better solution

// defined in my-transport.js
var bun = require("bun");
module.service = function(socket) {
  return bun([encryptor, compressor, socket, decompressor, decryptor]);

// used in client
var transport = require("./my-transport");

Hot cross buns! bun is amazing!


var  stream = require("stream"),
     bun    = require("bun");

// stream generator
var createStream = function createStream(id) {
  var s = new stream.Transform({encoding: "utf8"});
  s._transform = function _transform(str, encoding, done) {
    this.push("(" + id + " " + str + ")");
  return s;

// create some streams
var streams = ["G", "O", "D"].map(function(id) {
  return createStream(id);

// wrap the streams in a bun!
var hotdog = bun(streams);

// connect hotdog to stdout

// use the hotdog
hotdog.write("in a bun"); // (D (O (G in a bun)))

Buns are convenient, edible, and keep your hands clean! Use bun!



var service = bun(streams, [options]);
  • streams - An array of stream objects.
  • options - An object specifying options. (options are optional)


  • bubbleErrors - Bubble "error" events from wrapped streams up to the outer stream, giving you an easy way to aggregate and react to all the errors emitted by them in one place. Default is true.