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Library for handling paper characteristics
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The paper library and accompanying files are intended to provide a simple
way for applications to take actions based on a system- or user-specified
paper size.

This release is quite minimal, its purpose being to provide really basic
functions (obtaining the system paper name and getting the height and
width of a given kond of paper) that applications can immediately
A more complete library, using a capabilities file for papers (giving,
in addition to the size, informations like paper weigth, color, etc)
will be released later.

See the sources for paperconf(1) in src/paper.c for how to use the library.

Adding new paper sizes

If a paper format is missing, one need to add it to lib/paperspecs.  The
format of this file is one paper format per line, with the name of the
format, the width and height of the format separated with space.  You
may add an option measurement unit among in, ft, pt, m, dm, cm, mm or you
may leave the default unit of "point".  By defaults the width and height
are specified in the "point" unit, which is 1/72 inch (2.54 cm).  This
is the A4 entry:

  a4 210 297 mm

that was previously written as

  a4 595 842

The sizes here are 595 points / 72 points pr inch * 2.54 cm per
inch = 20.99 cm and 842/72*2.54 = 29.70 cm.  The A4 format
is 210x297 mm so this is a good approximation.  (Source:

Copyright (C) Yves Arrouye <>, 1996
              Adrian Bunk  <> , 2000

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